First & Then by Emma Mills

Book: First & Then

Author: Emma Mills

Reviewed by: Maya L

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Summary: Devon Tennyson is a senior in high school. She doesn’t want to go to college and would much rather just sit and read a Jane Austen novel. She wishes to get through high school being in the background. But there’s a slight problem; she has a crush on her best friend. Not only that, but now her adopted brother, Foster, turns out to be a star on the football team. Being forced to go to his games, Devon meets who she thinks is a stuck-up captain. Soon enough, she finds out that the captain isn’t exactly who he seems to be. Realizing that her friendship was one-sided, Dev spends more time with the captain not fully grasping what his plans have been the whole time.

I liked that all the secrets built up throughout the story were revealed at the end. I liked that the people close to Devon were pushing her towards Ezra, but the people more distant were doing the opposite. I really enjoyed how even though she hated her foster brother, she protected him which in turn, forced him to do the same.

Personally, I would have liked the antagonizing characters to not have been forgiven so easily. The antagonizing characters all had excuses for their “misunderstandings”.


Everything about the book was well constructed, and thought out. There was a fair mix of good and bad characters that propelled the plot forward. I recommend this book to teens that want an easy read, and to be able to apply the story to their own experiences.

Click here to find it in the library

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