Fragments of the Lost

Book: Fragments of the Lost

Author: Megan Miranda

Reviewed by: Maya L.

Click here to find it at the library

Summary: Jessa’s whole life falls apart when she finds out that her boyfriend, Caleb, is dead. Everybody blames her for the accident, including Caleb’s mom. But when his mom reaches out to Jessa to help clear out Caleb’s stuff, Jessa begins to realize that their relationship wasn’t as she thought it was. Throughout the sorting, she comes across many objects that trigger memories, and with them, she is able to pick out hidden messages to find out what really happened to Caleb.

I particularly liked how the answers were always right in front of Jessa, but she overlooked them until the end. I really enjoyed how the whole experience with Caleb taught her what she took for granted, realizing that sometimes she has to let go.

I didn’t like that Caleb left Jessa with so little, although she had done everything for him. I felt that the resolution was not practical and too short for an ending.


The book was a true work of art. It amazed me how there were so many little pieces and they all managed to fit together, it seems, as though in a timeline. I recommend this book to those that want an impossible to solve mystery with relatable situations that show us just how far we’ll go for love.

Click here to find it at the library

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