Again, but Better by Christine Riccio

Title: Again, but Better

Author: Christine Riccio

Reviewed by: Isabella S.

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Rating: 5 of 5 stars


The book is about a girl named Shane who goes to London to study abroad. While she is in London she meets a guy who she really likes but does not know how to tell him she likes him. Then as the book goes on it takes you to Shane’s 2017 life where she has a boyfriend but she still likes pilot and so on her way to a job interview she goes to see pilot and that is where things get weird. Here is what I can tell you though if you like happy endings you will like this book.

I liked this book because it is very interesting how she takes the long way in telling pilot she likes him. Something I did not like about the book was it had a lot of swear words in it. I also think that the story could have gone a little bit more into the other characters then what it had been doing.I think people who like books about love and happy endings will like this book.

I give this book a five out of five stars because I really liked the book.

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