The Outcasts by John Flanagan

Title: The Outcasts

Author: John Flanagan

Note: This is Book One in the Brotherband Chronicles, a companion to the Ranger’s Apprentice series.

Reviewed by: Nick S

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Click this link to find a copy in the library now.


The book I am writing about is Brotherband – The Outcasts by John Flanagan. This book was very good and very long. The book is about a boy named Hal. His father was a Skandian warrior who died in battle. His mother was a Araluen slave. Then Hal goes to Brotherband training and gets bullied with other outcasts. Now Hal and his Brotherband must prove the can be on top.

I liked that even though his father died and is an outcast, he still acts as a leader. I disliked that the book was long and some parts I didn’t understand.

I would give this book 4.5 stars.


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